Aug 20 2020 Lesa Milan

Job Ideas for a Stay at Home Mom!

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Between feeding, bathing, playing and (these days) homeschooling your kids – it’s hard to imagine adding another job to the mix. But having a paid job on top of life’s daily responsibilities is a great way to become financially independent, give your family extra income and it’s a positive outlet to fuel your creative interests.

A good job for a stay at home mom (SAHM) is something that is flexible enough to work around your own schedule and can be done part-time. Thanks to the internet and more companies making the shift to remote working – the opportunity to have a job while still being available for your children, is more possible than ever before and can be done at your own pace.

Below I have listed some really amazing job ideas to help get you started on your Boss Mom journey!

Jobs Online:

  1. Start a blog (or vlog)
  • Brief description: Use your experiences as the impetus to get paid to write or create video content.
  • What’s required: Contribute to your own or other websites, social media outlets, or other publications. (Youtube, Tik Tok or Vimeo for videos)
  • How to make money: affiliate marketing, ads network, sell a product/service, sponsored content
  • Average Income: $33k per year
  1. Sell through an online marketplace
  • Brief description: an online marketplace is an ecommerce site (such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Chewy) that offers many different products from many different sellers.
  • What’s required: products, seller account
  • How to make money: marketing plan, understanding basic algorithm, get pricing right
  • Average income: Variable
  1. Start your own online business
  • Brief description: selling your products direct-to-consumer or drop-ship.
  • What’s required: products to sell, an e-commerce website and a marketing budget.
  • How to make money: social media advertising, google ads, word of mouth
  • Average income: variable
  1. Freelance
  • Brief description: a person works for themselves, rather than for a company (graphic designer, web developer, manage social media, writer, proofreader, event planner, photographer)
  • What’s required: a website that displays your work.
  • How to make money: becoming a member on websites like Freelancer or Upwork.
  • Average income: variable

Home Services

  1. Beautician
  • Brief description: trained professional that uses a range of cosmetology techniques to provide hair, nail, makeup, or skin care services to their clients
  • What’s required: beautician license
  • How to make money: start with the people you know, referral, online marketing
  • Average income: $20 per hour
  1. Tutor
  • Brief description: Teach kids or adults in a specific subject or language you are qualified or good at.
  • What’s required: Knowledge and resources in the specific area you are teaching.
  • How to make money: virtual classrooms or in person lessons.
  • Average income: $22 per hour
  1. Child or pet care
  • Brief description: the care and supervision of a child or pet (that are not your own)
  • What’s required: a clean, safe and loving environment (and a lot of patience).
  • How to make money: advertise your service in mom social groups or your kids’ playgroups
  • Average income: $11 per hour
  1. Life or Wellness Coach
  • Brief description: Helping others mentally and emotionally or with their health and fitness (these two are not the same, but if you enjoy helping others and you have a background in either this is perfect for you.)
  • What’s required: background in psychology (Life Coach) or training in nutrition and physical activities (Wellness coach)
  • How to make money: word of mouth (referral), advertising online
  • Average income: $34 per hour

Work from home jobs

  1. Recruiting/ Headhunter
  • Brief description: help other professionals find fulfilling jobs, and you’ll help clients find the talent they need to power their businesses.
  • What’s required: review resume/ CV, negotiate salaries, and place professionals in agreeable employment positions.
  • How to make money: receive a fee from the hiring employers.
  • Average income: $27 per hour
  1. Consultant
  • Brief description: is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as business, education, law, regulatory compliance, marketing (PR) or finance etc.
  • What’s required: credentials and experience in the area in which you are providing advice
  • How to make money: work for a company or freelance
  • Average income: varies
  1. Data Entry
  • Brief description: takes written information from forms, applications or company files and enter the information into a computer system’s database.
  • What’s required: proficient typing skills and sharp attention to detail.
  • How to make money: transcription, translator, survey, legal agency
  • Average income: $19 per hour
  1. Customer Service
  • Brief description: someone who can take phone calls, respond to inquiries, provide customers with assistance, and complete administrative tasks.
  • What’s required: quiet home office and the ability to learn and use technology and software programs.
  • How to make money: Concierge, Help Desk Analyst, Member Service rep, Call Center rep
  • Average income: $14 per hour

The opportunities to work while being a full-time mom are endless! Whether you’re doing it for money, passion or personal gains – there’s something for everyone. The ability to raise a child is the most rewarding job, but it doesn’t mean we can’t chase our dreams or have an outside interest. In addition to being highly skilled at multitasking, we know a thing or two about patience and hard work – go get ‘em mama!

Disclaimer: These numbers are based on my online research of the average pay in the United States and does mean you will make this exact figure. Some people will make a lot more and some will make less.

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I enjoy reading every bit of this. Congrats beautiful you deserve it. Sometimes life has to break us to lead us to what we’re destined for. I love the woman you’ve become. I wish you all the best life has to offer because you’re a beautiful soul.

Interesting read I got to this feed from the SAHM feed they are well tied together.

Great ideas!! Can't wait to see what follows!!

God bless you for this because so many people don't have an idea of all these opportunities. Your blog is interesting.

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