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Pregnancy Diet & Exercise

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During pregnancy, it is important to get the appropriate daily nutrients and physical activity needed to keep you and your baby healthy. From choosing your vitamins, eating the right food and learning to power through tiredness. Maintaining a healthy weight during your pregnancy not only helps you to “snap back” easier but it also reduces your risk of Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia and the need for a C-section.

Although there are other things that contribute to your overall health during pregnancy (some beyond our control) – eating well and staying active has many benefits. See some of my favorite nutrition and fitness tips below:

1.Prenatal Vitamins: Please follow your doctor’s advice regarding your use and dosage of supplements. The most important ingredients to look for when choosing your Prenatal Vitamins are folic acid, iron, omega 3/ DHA, zinc, iodine, calcium, vitamin B, C and D.

2.Probiotic: Probiotics are good yeast or bacteria that can be found in yogurt, kefir, miso, pickles and supplements; that when taken at a reasonable dosage can have digestion and vaginal health benefits during pregnancy. Probiotics are known to help reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection or urinary tract bacterial infections.

3.Food: Just because you take Prenatal Vitamins does not mean you shouldn’t maintain a healthy diet, packed with nutritious food that are also delicious.

Am I eating for two? Yes, the food you put in your body can benefit or harm your baby. However, as far as portion size; you do not need to eat for more than one. It is important to eat the right number of calories during pregnancy, so say bye-bye to fad or low-calorie diets and hello to 1800-2400 kcal of the good stuff each day!

What’s safe to eat? Food & Beverages to avoid-

  • – Raw meat
  • – Deli meat
  • – Fish with mercury
  • – Smoked seafood
  • – Raw shellfish
  • – Raw eggs, chicken, meat
  • – Unpasteurized cheese and milk
  • – Pate
  • – Unwashed fruits and vegetables
  • – Caffeine
  • – Alcohol

Food to eat more of-

  • – Dairy Products
  • – Dark Leafy Greens
  • – Legumes
  • – Whole grains
  • – Berries
  • – Cooked Lean Meat
  • – Sweet Potato
  • – Avocado
  • – Cooked Seafood (low in mercury)
  • – Water

Energy boosting Food-

  • – Unprocessed food
  • – Banana
  • – Oats
  • – Chia Seeds
  • – Whole grains
  • – Peanut butter

See my favorite pregnancy recipes here-

4.Fitness: Please consult with your doctor before you get started on any physical activity. For most women, staying active is just as important when you’re pregnant as at any other time of your life.

Walking, swimming, prenatal Yoga and Pilates are usually considered safe and beneficial regardless of your previous fitness level. For those who were active before getting pregnant, jogging and moderate weight training are usually considered safe.

See my safe and easy pregnancy workouts here.


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Thank you! Yes, I try to workout 3 to 5 times a week. For my tummy (I have Diastasis Recti) so I'm unable to do crunches, planks etc - I tone by doing core strengthening exercises.

I love your body. Do we have to exercise to get ur type of tummy.

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